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Game Tactic Xeno

Place turrets on the field to keep the aliens from reaching the other side. Click on a turret to display it's information and then click on the field to build it. You can upgrade or sell the turrets once they have been placed on the map. Try to defeat enough waves to unlock the next mission.

Instructions: Tips: -Select an existing turret to see it's range (The red dotted circle). -Upgrade your existing turrets for greater effectiveness. -Force the Xinos to walk farther then they normally would by building maze-like paths through the turrets. -Use turret combinations to maximize their effect. -Watch out for waves of flying Xinos that move right overtop of your placed defenses.

Defend your tower by puchasing different war weapons and placing them strategically so enemies may not pass by. Towers can be upgraded to increase their power. Good luck!

Xeno Tactic

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Vulcans, at $5, are the cheapest way to create the maze of your choosing. They do 10 damage, but have an extremely short range (which almost never improves) and a long cooldown between shots. Use it for the basic maze, but don't rely on level 1 vulcans to do any sort of reasonable damage during later waves, even over long distances.

Upgraded vulcans, however, can be somewhat useful. Their range still stays at 60, but their power doubles with each upgrade. Early upgrades are rather cheap, as well. If you're planning on using a vulcan to actually do damage, upgrade it to at least level 3, if not level four. A level four turret only costs $50 to get up to speed, which is a rather cost-effective way to lay the smackdown on enemies. It's fully upgraded version has a massive range of 180, three times that of the other versions. In addition, it deals out a massive 400 damage with each shot. It's also tied for the cheapest turret to get up to full, with $200 for a fully upgraded vulcan. However, its rate of fire seems to get even worse, so make sure that any sniper towers are located centrally so that they never have to fall silent.

Plasma Turrets

Plasma turrets have a slightly longer range than vulcans and have a rather fast rate of fire, making them excellent point-defense turrets. They are best placed along areas where they will have plenty of chances to shoot at enemies, and unlike vulcans, they can shoot 3 squares away, so it can fire over other turrets. It can also hit air.

The major downside to plasma turrets is the cost. The turret itself is in the middle area in terms of cost and early upgrades (absolutely VITAL for getting any decent amount of damage) are relatively inexpensive (and worth it), but the later upgrades cost an arm and a leg (toenails and all) to get. The final upgrade costs over $250, which more than doubles the cost of the turret. However, unlike other upgrades (all of which increase firepower by 90%), the final upgrade adds 20 extra range (up to 90) and adds a MASSIVE 400% to shot power. It's a monster investment, but a well-placed fully upgraded turret can easily be the most power weapon in your arsenal.

SAM Turrets

Not including highly upgraded versions of other turrets, the SAM turret has the longest range of any turret. It has a long cooldown and does relatively little damage per shot, and thus is one of the worst 1-st level turrets. It's rather cheap at $20, though. They are the obvious choices when you've got an unused area that is within easy range of enemy lines. The main advantage of SAM turrets is their splash damage, allowing their slow rate of fire to do quite a bit of damage, though spread over a small area.

Upgrading SAM turrets is an excellent cost-effective way to spend money. Early upgrades cost from $20-$40, and each upgrade adds to range, power, AND splash radius, by 5, 100%, and a little, respectively. When upgraded, they can wreak havoc on any tightly grouped enemies, and can potentially be the most powerful turrets you have. Just remember that they purely act as support, so don't expect them to stop invasions on their own. They cannot hit air.


The DCA is purely meant to be used against air units. Considering that air units only pop up in about 1 out of every 10 waves (and that they cost so much), they can seem to be rather useless. The main fault in this is that air units are quite possibly the worst enemies you will ever face, and they pass over your other turrets without much trouble. Other turrets will stop the first 1-2 waves of air units, but it is absolutely imperative that you have a few of these by wave 20. Place them near the center so that they can fire on both lines of air units when they are the most bunched up, so that the splash damage (if applicable) can be used to its greatest effect. It fires up to 4 missiles at up to 4 different targets at once, though level 1 turrets have an extremely small range and do very little damage for their cost. The rate of fire is also quite decent.

Upgraded DCAs are capable of the highest damage per second of any turret. Upgrades improve power and range, and from upgrade 3 onwards, splash is added and improved. Three or four centrally-placed highly-upgraded turrets can stop virtually any air assault, so long as you have vulcans and plasma nearby to pick off any survivors. DON'T SKIMP ON THESE. Air units are one of the nastiest units in the game, and the mission 5 boss air units can be impossible to stop without a generous application of DCA missiles.

Freeze Turrets

Freeze turrets aren't terribly important for earlier missions, but they become absolutely vital later on. Freeze turrets are rather expensive to place, but the slow-down on enemies is an EXCELLENT way to keep enemies in range of your most powerful turrets for as long as possible. They are somewhat similar to vulcan turrets in range and their power is absolutely horrible, but the slowdown spreads to affect any enemies in the area and has quite a decent effect on enemy speed. If you're creating a specific area where you plan to brutally destroy anything, freeze turrets can double or even triple the effectiveness by keeping them in the killing zone for as long as possible. Spread them out along your killing zones so that enemies are always affected. In addition to this, SAM sites are greatly improved, since enemies group up quite tightly when affected. It can also hit air, so it can be quite effective for keeping air units in range of your DCAs for even longer.

They are also the cheapest units to upgrade, contrary to their initially high price tag. Each upgrade costs $25 ($50 for the final upgrade) and increases slow and power. the power upgrades are rather paltry, but the extra slowdown is an excellent and cheap way to spend money. I'm not quite sure if the splash, slowdown effect, or both are affected by the upgrade, but it's still a useful upgrade. Due to the lack of inflation, they're also one of the cheapest units to get to max.

Sonic Turrets

To be honest, I'm not much of a fan of sonic turrets. they affect any enemies immediately adjacent to them and hit all of them simultaneously, with a chance to stun. Each upgrade slightly increases the chance to paralyze (up to 20%), but the short period of the paralysis and the small chance makes it really only useful to deal out damage. the damage it deals is decent, but the huge cost to upgrade makes each turret a huge investment. It's best used with freeze turrets and powerful turrets nearby to take advantage of the paralysis. Only use them on double-back spots of your killing zones. They can get quite powerful when highly upgraded, but again, they're not a turret that you're going to want any more than 1 or 2 of.

Turret upgrades:

Vulcan Turret: $5, 60 Range, 10 Damage
Vulcan Turret 2: $15, 60 Range, 20 Damage
Vulcan Turret 3: $10, 60 Range, 40 Damage
Vulcan Turret 4: $20, 60 Range, 80 Damage
Vulcan Turret 5: $50, 60 Range, 160 Damage
Vulcan Tower: $100, 180 Range, 400 Damage
(Total cost to fully upgrade: $200)

Plasma Turret: $25, 70 Range, 5 Damage
Plasma Turret 2: $10, 70 Range, 10 Damage
Plasma Turret 3: $20, 70 Range, 18 Damage
Plasma Turret 4: $35, 70 Range, 34 Damage
Plasma Turret 5: $70, 70 Range, 65 Damage
BFG Tower: $290, 90 Range, 320 Damage
(Total cost to fully upgrade: $450)

Missile Turret: $20, 90 Range, 8 Damage
Missile Turret 2: $15, 100 Range, 16 Damage
Missile Turret 3: $35, 110 Range, 32 Damage
Missile Turret 4: $60, 120 Range, 64 Damage
Missile Turret 5: $110, 130 Range, 128 Damage
Missile Tower: $160, 140 Range, 256 Damage
(Total cost to fully upgrade: $400)

DCA: $50, 60 Range, 20 Damage
DCA 2: $30, 60 Range, 40 Damage
DCA 3: $50, 65 Range, 80 Damage
DCA 4: $75, 65 Range, 160 Damage
DCA 5: $125, 70 Range, 320 Damage
THW Tower: $310, 75 Range, 480 Damage
(Total cost to fully upgrade: $640)

Freeze Turret: $50, 50 Range, 10 Damage
Freeze Turret 2: $25, 50 Range, 15 Damage
Freeze Turret 3: $25, 50 Range, 20 Damage
Freeze Turret 4: $25, 50 Range, 25 Damage
Freeze Turret 5: $25, 50 Range, 30 Damage
Zero Tower: $50, 75 Range, 40 Damage
(Total cost to fully upgrade: $200)

Sonic Turret: $30, 40 Range, 10 Damage, ?% chance to paralyze
Sonic Turret 2: $25, 40 Range, 20 Damage, 6% chance to paralyze
Sonic Turret 3: $50, 40 Range, 40 Damage, 10% chance to paralyze
Sonic Turret 4: $100, 40 Range, 80 Damage, 13% chance to paralyze
Sonic Turret 5: $185, 40 Range, 160 Damage, 15% chance to paralyze
Hypersonic Tower: $355, 40 Range, 320 Damage, 20% chance to paralyze
(Total cost to fully upgrade: $745)

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