Sunday, December 14, 2008

Umang Island (Pulau Umang)

Umang Island – Banten-Indonesia.

Umang Island or Pulau Umang located in Banten-Java Island

Pulau Umang, a paradise next door? An outdoor banquet on the beach? It sounds wonderful. And it was the balmy night, the food, the sandy beach on a private island in Banten province, all of it. Not only would young lovers find it romantic but so too would parents taking their family away for a weekend and enjoying dinner on a moonlit beach with the gentle sound of waves lapping the shore.

With fresh seafood as the main course served by amiable staff, every guest enjoyed the magical moment by the sea.

Most urbanites, particularly those residing in a big, crowded city like Jakarta, can only dream of having the sea right at their doorstep, but on Pulau Umang it is a reality. And everyone can enjoy this simple pleasure just by leaving behind the traffic jams of Jakarta and visiting this island on the western tip of Java island.

Pulau Umang, located in Banten’s Pandeglang district, is a reasonably priced dream getaway for anyone looking for a relaxing beach experience with ambience. Situated near the UNESCO heritage site of Ujung Kulon nature reserve, Umang Island is a worthwhile destination for travelers.

Umang island resort and spa offers the same comforts as a star-rated hotel. The informal atmosphere enables guests to unwind and enjoy the laid-back pace of this relaxing island.

Pulau Umang is well protected from stormy seas, with the popular Tanjung Lesung beach to the north, Ujung Kulon to the south and Panaitan Island far west of the small island. Visitors have little to fear from large waves on their trip out to the island as it is just a five-minute speedboat ride from the shores of Sumur, Pandeglang, which takes approximately four hours to reach by car from Jakarta. The resort has free 24-hour secure parking at its parking lot in Sumur and accommodation for drivers.

Alighting from the speedboat, visitors walk along the pier to the main gate of the resort. A welcome drink awaits every guest. The natural beauty of the resort becomes apparent as soon as one heads for their cottage. Set amid five hectares of land, the resort has 60 cottages facing the sea, each with a view of either sunrise or sunset depending on individual choice. Each cottage has two large rooms with connecting door. The bedroom on the mezzanine has a distinct romantic feel to it, made all the more special by the fresh sea air and the lulling sound of breaking waves. The structures are all earthquake resistant.

Ten minutes from Umang island is the uninhabited Pulau Oar, which people visit to walk along the white sandy beach or go snorkeling, jet-skiing or for a ride on a banana boat in the crystal clear water. The islet also has many places to get a great shot of sunset or sunrise.

Rocky Side of Pulau Umang

Over all, Pulau Umang is a paradise on earth where holiday-makers can laze around and enjoy its beauty and tranquility, far removed from the hassles of urban life.


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Pulau Umang said...

Memang keren pulau umang ini mas. Saya lama tidak kesana. Pasirnya putih dan air launtnya biru sungguh menakjubkan :)